The Carlson Company

"Swede" Carlson

The Carlson Company Inc. was founded in 1948 by      Erland F. “Swede” Carlson       specializing in custom machine work and serving local industries. Successful progress in this highly competitive field resulted in gradual and consistent expansion. With this background the Carlson Company began it’s transition to proprietary products.

The Power Flo product line of Industrial Air Clutches and Brakes were developed in 1961.

These products were revolutionary in their design. The clutches and brakes incorporate a thin, high temperature diaphragm used to engage the torque assembly . This design, along with utilizing two friction surfaces, enabled Power Flo clutches and brakes to be extremely compact in size but able to transmit high amounts of torque.

The industrial product line has continued to grow and prosper. Many new products, have been added over the years.

The product line now goes by the “CARLSON” name.

The Carlson Company Manufacturer of Power Flo Clutches and Brakes

We understand the rigid emands of the Energy Industry
We are the Manufacturer of Power Flo Industrial Clutches and Brakes

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