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Since 1961, The Carlson Company has been manufacturing an ever-growing array of products at our headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. The Carlson Industrial division of the Carlson Company serves a variety of markets, including: Food Processing & Packaging, Materials Handling, Metals, Forestry, Printing & Die Cutting and Factory Automation.

The Carlson Energy division of The Carlson Company serves the Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine, and Wind Turbine industries.




Designed to mount a C-FLANGE motor and reducer, or on a motor using a pulley on the output shaft of the clutch/brake. The model ECB-TCC incorporates an EXPANDING, KEYLESS, OUTPUT SHAFT that fits into the input shaft of the reducer and ELIMINATES KEY AND KEYWAY DESTRUCTION of the clutch/brake shaft. The TOTALLY ENCLOSED HOUSING REMOVES THE THREAT OF CONTAMINANTS entering into the clutch/brake cavity. The ECB may be used in food processing and handling, where washdown applications are prevalent, or in material handling, packaging, case packing or other indexing applications where contaminants in the atmosphere are common. The SINGLE PISTON DESIGN of the ECB allows the clutch/brake to engage and disengage without any possibility of overlap. This efficient design of the clutch/brake mechanism, the use of hardened spline connections, and high temperature sealing materials, make the ECB a state of the art product in the clutch and brake industry.


SB-CC assembled in a totally enclosed housing that incorporates the C-face design for flexibility in mounting. When air pressure above 45psi is applied, the brake springs are compressed far enough to release the brake. The model SB is used in non-cyclic applications when long periods of holding torque are required.


CC – Double C-face housing     /       SS – Load carrying input shaft, Load carrying output shaft.

ENCLOSED PNEUMATIC CLUTCH/BRAKE C-face mounted or foot mounted clutch/brake combinations feature totally enclosed cast iron housings that eliminate the threat of outside contaminants entering the clutch or brake cavity and give top performance regardless of the environment. Air applied clutch-air applied brake or Air applied clutch-spring applied brake. Constructed in a one piece cast iron housing that is totally enclosed and incorporates the C-face design for a variety of mounting configurations. When air pressure between 20psi and 80psi is applied to the clutch/port, a double acting piston will move to engage the clutch and release the brake. When air is applied to the brake port the piston disengages the clutch and engages the brake. This design prevents overlap between the clutch and brake. When air is exhausted in both the clutch and brake, release springs on the clutch pressure plates allow the clutch to disengage. The model CAB is used in applications where controlled clutch and brake engagement is essential, or where high cycle rates are required.

TSC through Shaft Clutch and Heavy Duty Industrial Clutches



Designed for MID SHAFT OR END SHAFT APPLICATIONS requiring a bearing mounted sprocket or sheave. When air pressure between 15 PSI and 80 PSI is applied to the inlet port, the bearing mounted backplate is coupled to the shaft. The engagement forces are transferred from the stationary cylinder to the rotating clutch plates through permanently lubricated bearings so no swivel union is required. The TSC unit is offered in a PM MODEL for bolt on attachment of a sheave or sprocket. An IM MODEL is also available which has V grooves machined into the backplate, These units are BORED TO SIZE so no bushing is required for mounting to the shaft. The models feature a SMALL COMPACT DESIGN with two friction surfaces that transmit high torque.


These are the Original PowerFlo Clutch

GREATER TORQUE CAPACITY – The design uses two friction plates and two friction linings. The two friction plates, along with controlled air pressure (up to a recommended maximum of 120 psi) provide high torque capacity in each size clutch. This extra torque can result in the economy of a smaller size clutch in many applications. COOLER RUNNING – Finned pressure plates and backplanes promote better heat dissipation, cooler running, and longer life. HIGH TEMPERATURE DIAPHRAGM – The use of high temperature materials in the Carlson diaphragm give an operating temperature range up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. MORE COMPACT – The smaller diameter and thinner cross section, features resulting from the diaphragm being positioned between the two friction plates and linings, provide a torque capacity that is greater than other designs of the same size. The compact size and low inertia design allow higher RPM limits. POSITIVE DISENGAGEMENT – The centering mechanism centers the torque assembly between the pressure plate and backplate to eliminate clutch drag. When properly installed, friction can not be transferred between surfaces, so torque is eliminated when the clutch is not engaged. EASY ADJUSTMENT – The contoured diaphragm, expanded with air pressure, automatically compensates for normal lining wear. Adjusting spacers are easily removed for readjusting the pressure plate and backplate within the diaphragm limits.

MODEL CW – Consisting of a pressure plate, hub and torque assembly, the model CW is designed for mounting on any suitable flat surface on either the drive or driven side of the power transmission system where the flat surface is large enough to accommodate the bolt circle of the pressure plate, The compact size of the CW permits installation in areas that might not be considered suitable for other types of clutches.

MODEL CR – Designed for installation in a power transmission system where available mounting surfaces of items to which the clutch is to be fastened (IE., sheaves, sprocket, flywheel, gear) have a diameter smaller than the bolt circle of the pressure plate, The model CR has a pressure plate, hub, torque assembly and a registered backplate with a bolt pattern for a mounting surface, The finned pressure plate and backplate allow the model CR clutch greater heat dissipation capabilities.

MODEL CK – Used in applications as a coupling clutch, the model CK features a compact design and an ability to provide high torque instantaneously or give soft start capabilities to high inertia loads. The model CK is equipped with a pressure plate, torque assembly, backplate, keyed hub and keyed backplate hub for coupling both shafts.

MODEL PM (Pilot Mount) – Power Flo pilot mount clutches are available in sizes from 8.5 to 25 inches in diameter. The model PM is a self-contained, bearing mounted clutch designed for mounting on the end of a shaft. This model consists of a finned pressure plate, torque assembly, adapter shaft that is bored to fit the customer’s shaft and a bearing mounted pilot backplate for mounting a sheave, sprocket, gear, etc.

MODEL IM (Integral Mount) – Power Flo integral mount clutches are available in sizes from 8.5 to 18 inches in diameter. The model IM is a self-contained, bearing mounted, integral sheave clutch designed for installation on the end of a shaft. The unit contains a finned pressure plate, torque assembly, adapter shaft bored to fit the customer’s shaft and a bearing mounted integral sheave/backplate designed to the customer’s specifications.

CARLSON INDUSTRIAL AIR BRAKES feature the same torque assembly design of the Carlson Clutches and incorporate a brake flange hub to hold the torque plates stationary. Brake sizes range in size from 8.5″ to 36″ and only three models are required to meet application requirements.

MODEL BW – The Carlson model BW brake consists of a pressure plate, brake flanged hub and torque assembly. The model BW is designed for mounting on any suitable flat surface that is large enough to accommodate the bolt circle of the pressure plate. The brake flanged hub provides a bolt circle and a register diameter to mount to a torque arm. The compact size of the BW permits installation in narrow spaces.

MODEL BR – Designed for installation where available mounting surfaces of the items to which the brake is to be mounted have a diameter smaller than the bolt circle of the pressure plate. The model BR incorporates a pressure plate, torque assembly, brake flanged hub to be mounted to a torque arm and a registered backplate. The finned pressure plate and backplate allow the model BR brake greater heat dissipation capabilities.

MODEL BK – The Carlson model BK is used in applications to stop a rotating shaft. The model BK consists of a pressure plate, torque assembly, brake flanged hub to be mounted to a torque arm and a keyed backplate that is bored to fit the shaft diameter.

The Carlson industrial air brake flanged hub must be supported by, and fastened to, a stationary bracket for alignment and the bracket must have the capacity to serve as a torque arm. Outside diameter of the hub is held to plus .000, minus .002, permitting easy alignment for pilot mounting to the supporting bracket. All equipment that Carlson air brakes are to be mounted on should be made so that misalignment between the stationary axis of the brake flanged hub and the axis of rotation at the brake is less than .015″ offset and less than .006″/inch angular.

UC Enclosed End Shaft Clutch, PE Positive Engagement Clutch and Through Shaft Air Brake



Available in pilot mount and integral mount designs. Manufactured in both 4″ and 6″ sizes, the UC “Universal Clutch” models incorporate a TOTALLY ENCLOSED HOUSING that guards against outside contamination (IE., grease, oil, dirt, water) from entering the clutch cavity. This insures torque reliability and long service life. UC clutches are designed with TWO FRICTION SURFACES that provide HIGH TORQUE and greater heat dissipation capability. Their compact design also allows the clutches to attain HIGH RPM ratings. Installation is easy by using Carlson adapter bushings that connect the clutch to the shaft. The clutch may be used in either end shaft or mid shaft mounted designs.

MODEL UC PM (Pilot Mount) – The Pilot mount backplate of the UC Clutch utilizes a pilot surface and bolt pattern for easy installation of sprocket or sheaves.

MODEL UC IM (Integral Mount) – Both 4UC and 6UC IM have seven available backplate sheave configurations to choose from.


The Carlson Positive Engagement clutch transmits torque by using AIR OR SPRING FORCE to engage the gears on the driving and driven halves of the clutch. This design has HIGH TORQUE, POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT, AND EXACT POSITIONING characteristics. The gear elements contain a large number of teeth, so that fine input/output phasing can be obtained. Unlike other tooth clutches which require continual thrust load from a large air cylinder to transmit torque, the PE clutch utilizes a small air cylinder which is required only for engagement. This results in LIGHT BEARING LOADS AND LONG SERVICE LIFE. The PE clutch must be engaged and disengaged at 0-RPM. A backplate flange provides a register diameter and bolt pattern for mounting of a pulley, gear, sprocket, or coupling adapter. Air enters the air inlet and is trapped between the two O-Rings. This forces the cylinder, thrust bearing, and driving gear plate to move axially and engage the driven gears of the backplate. Both the driving and the driven gears are synchronized, allowing complete and positive engagement under static conditions. Engagement can only occur at 0 RPM. When air is released from the air chamber, and the clutch is at 0 RPM, the release springs force the cylinder, thrust bearing, and driving gear plate back to its original, disengaged position.


Designed for rugged start stop applications using a standard lining, or tension applications using a LOCO lining. The brake utilizes a cast iron, internal fin rotor for HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION and incorporates a SPLIT LINING that is bolted to the piston for easy maintenance. The brakes range from 200 in/lbs. To 2400 in/lbs. with standard linings. QD BUSHINGS are used to mount the brake to the shaft. The bearing mounted cylinder has an external bolt pattern to mount to a torque frame, or a bracket is available to react brake torque using the slot provided in the brake cylinder.

CB Brake SB Shoe Brake CBSA Caliper Brakes

CB Pneumatic Caliper Brake /SB Shoe Brake /CBSA and CBAA Caliper Bakes


MODEL CSB AIR CLUTCH/SPRING BRAKE – constructed in a one piece cast iron housing that is totally enclosed and incorporates the C-face design for a variety of mounting configurations. When air pressure between 45psi and 80psi is applied to the inlet port, the brake springs are compressed far enough to release the brake and engage the clutch. Exhausting the air will allow the springs to engage the brake. The model CSB is used where medium cycle rates are required on self energizing loads. The spring set brake assures load holding torque without the use of air pressure. Seven standard CSB assemblies are available.


The Carlson Shoebrake is a SPRING APPLIED – AIR RELEASED brake that engages around a drum that is keyed to a shaft. The Carlson design features two engagement springs that assure proper operation and a ECCENTRIC MOUNTING BUSHING that allows concentric alignment of the brake shoes to the drum and ensures even lining wear and longer life. The shoebrake is available in five sizes, ranging from 7″ to 24″ drum diameters. Shoe brake drums may be bored to fit existing shaft diameters.


Caliper Brakes with a compact size and high torque capacity. CBSA Spring Applied Air Released Caliper brake used in stopping and holding applications. CBAA Air Applied, Spring Released Caliper Brake used for stopping and tension applications. The actuator is located between two caliper arms. Friction linings are easily changed by pulling the clip pin and removing the caliper shoe.

7000 Caliper Brake and SAB Spring Applied Brake









7003 7501 7502 7503 7603 75011 75031

Caliper Brakes with a compact size and high torque capacity used in stopping and holding applications using Pedestal mount or Floor mounted configurations. Friction linings are easily changed by pulling the clip pin and removing the caliper shoe.


SAB SPRING APPLIED, AIR RELEASED brake for static torque applications. TOTALLY ENCLOSED housing protects friction cavity from outside contaminants. FLANGED PLATE can easily be altered for different mounting configurations.





TLSP Torque Limiter / Air Shaft Seal / Sheaves









TRANSMITS TORQUE IN EITHER DIRECTION through ball bearings that are seated in pockets which are arranged in a unique angular pattern. Applied torque that is higher than the set value of the torque limiter will roll the balls out of their pockets and stop torque transmission, PROTECTING DRIVEN COMPONENTS FROM DAMAGE. The machined face of the torque limiter acts as a SENSOR SWITCH PLATE. The sensor Switch plate of the TLSPU is 3/4″ larger in diameter than the housing of the torque limiter. This allows for a greater flexibility in applying sensors with the unit. While the balls are out of their pockets, the plate is shifted, providing an input for a sensor to allow an immediate shutdown of the drive. The TORQUE LIMITER AUTOMATICALLY RE-ENGAGES when the ball pattern rotates back around to the matching pocket pattern. This event, called SINGLE POSITION ENGAGEMENT, happens in one revolution after the torque of the drive has returned to a level below the set value of the torque limiter. TORQUE CAN BE ADJUSTED by simply tightening or loosening the spring nut. The minimum torque is calibrated and set at the factory prior to shipment. The torque limiter is TOTALLY ENCLOSED, providing protection from outside contaminants. This unique design results in a unit much smaller and lighter than competing products. ADAPTER BUSHINGS are used with TLSP20, TLSP60 and TLSP120 models. These bushings make mounting the torque limiter to the shaft, easy, and provide a wide range of standard bores. In addition, THE BUSHING IS SPLIT, and has an integral LOCK COLLAR to prevent axial movement. A choice of THROUGH-SHAFT-BORES are offered on the TLSP1 and TLSP5 models. These units are mounted to the shaft with key and set screws.


TRANSMITS AIR from the supply to the rotating members of air clutches and air brakes making possible new applications of air clutches and air brakes considered impractical for closed-end shafts. Carlson’s SLIP-ON INSTALLATION eliminates long rifle drilling of air passages in shafts and permits easy installation. Internal drag is held at a minimum through a BALANCED AIR PRESSURE DESIGN that is not affected by an increase in air pressure. This design feature permits higher operating speeds and assures longer life. The rotating rings are micro-lapped for dependable, leakproof operation and the stationary seals of carbon graphite are self seating to insure sealing. HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION is obtained by placing fins on the rotating rings resulting in cooler operation. All Carlson shaft seals are tested before shipment to assure each unit is ready for installation when received by the customer.


All Sheaves and Bushings are Solid Construction. Available in Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel construction. 1 groove and 2 groove sheaves available with A-B belt and 3 V belt section. 2 groove and 3 groove sheaves available in 5V belt section. Corresponding bushings. Custom Sheaves made to order OEM quantities.

Stainless Steel Products Available


Many of our products are available in stainless Steel. If your design requirements are a need for stainless steel we will be happy to help you design a product to achieve your goals.



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