CK Clutch with info box

CK Clutch 8.5-14
CK Clutch 16-22
CK Clutch 25-36

CR Clutch with info box
CR Clutch 8.5-14
CR Clutch 16-22
CR Clutch 25-36

CW Clutch w info
CW Clutch 8.5-14
CW Clutch 16-22
CW Clutch 25-36

PM Clutch with info box

PM Clutch 8.5-14 | PM Sheaves
PM Clutch 16-18 | PM Sheaves

16 PM Clutch side of sheave


Positive engagement clutch with info box

PE Positive Engagement Clutch

TSC Clutch with info box
TSC IM Air Clutch
TSC PM Air Clutch

TSC SS with Info

UC IM Clutch with info box

UC IM Integral Mount (Sheave) Clutch

UC PM with info box

UC PM Pilot Mount Clutch

CA CC Clutch with info

CA-CC C-Frame Clutch



Identify the TYPE OF APPLICATION and select the SERVICE FACTOR to evaluate your TORQUE REQUIREMENTS.
Visit the ENGINEERING SECTION for detailed information, formulas and diagrams designed to assist you in selecting the correct brake or clutch for your application.
Detailed SERVICE and INSTALLATION documents are available for DOWNLOAD HERE.
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Carlson Industrial designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of clutches including the TSC Through-Shaft Mounted, Heavy-Duty Industrial Air, UC Totally Enclosed End-Shaft Mounted Air, Positive Engagement Clutches. The line accommodates a range of application requirements, with torque capacities ranging from 850 up to 78,000 in-lbs.

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