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Stainless steel serves many purposes in our lives. It exists in our kitchen drawers, our appliances, razors, surgical equipment, springs, the list goes on…  The reason that we use stainless steel in applications like these is because they are areas in which we cannot have rust.

Stainless is a metal alloy that is made up of steel with elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminum, and carbon. Roughly 10-12% of Stainless Steel is made up of chromium.  Which, when exposed to air, forms a film of chromium oxide over the surface; preventing air and moisture from rusting the material.  So in industries where contamination is an issue, as well as durability and longevity, you want to think of other options besides something that can corrode and taint your product(s).

First, you have to consider what kind of environment your material will be present in. Will your material be in close contact with food or beverages? Are heavy wash-downs needed for cleaning machinery? Will chemicals or other detergents be used for washing?  If this is your application’s setting, stainless steel should be heavily considered.  The chromium film that surrounds stainless steel is non-toxic, can withstand nicking, scratching, and has no pours or cracks that would harbor the growth of dirt, grime or bacteria.  As iron slowly erodes “pits” will naturally occur; creating a nest for these contaminates.

Cost is always an imperative component to consider when purchasing any item necessary to complete your equipment.  Stainless steel is noticeably more expensive than an iron product, but an important aspect to contemplate is the life cost analysis.  Over a period of time your iron unit will deteriorate, the paint will chip, items will need replaced, and units will need repainted.  None of these seem like bothersome issues, they are expected.  Nevertheless, additional cost is consumed; repair parts, machine downtime, added labor hours, etc.  What our stainless steel products provide you with is more than double the life expectancy, and peace of mind that no paint chips, dirt, or bacteria are contaminating your product(s).  Our units are totally enclosed and are manufactured with rounded seams so that soils are easily washed off.  The stainless look will also compliment the aesthetics of your machinery; giving you many years of retaining the natural color.

As you shop and compare your possibilities between different industrial clutches, clutch/brake combinations, and torque limiters; make sure to keep in mind your options.  Iron housings, while initially less expensive, will need more upkeep and have a shorter life.  On the other hand; stainless steel will be more costly upfront, but will provide you with longer life, more appeal and far less maintenance.  The Carlson Company staff is always pleased to aid any questions or application requests. Call 1-316-744-0481 or email today and let us assist you.

Stainless Steel with image mapping