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A division of The Carlson Company, Inc.

6045 North Broadway

Wichita, Kansas 67219 USA

Phone: 316-744-0481
Fax: 316-744-2144

Canadian Provinces :: Drive Line

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Ph: 800-667-2858
Fax: 905-845-3009
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Ph: 780-231-5564

Western United States :: Mooney Inc

Huntington Beach, CA
Pat Parmelee
John Magyar
Ph: 714-841-7902
Fax: 714-841-0821
Santa Rosa, CA
Paul Mooney
Ph: 415-672-6955
Fax: 707-837-9374
Seattle, WA
Jon Van Natta
Ph: 360-887-4108
Denver, CO
John McSweeney
Ph: 303-513-3744

Central United States :: Cyberkinetics and Controls

Chicago, IL
Brad Binks
Harry Binks
Ph: 630-462-1188
Fax: 630-462-8179

Central United States:: Industrial Motor & Controls

Cleveland, OH
Ph: 800-331-2911
Fax: 440-375-3575
Cincinnati, OH
Ph: 513-755-1000
Fax: 513-755-1081

Midwestern United States:: Singer Industrial Sales, LLC

Leawood, KS
Ph: 913-897-2008
Fax: 913-897-2018
Marion, IA
Ph: 319-377-1322
Fax: 319-377-0245

Atlantic States :: ETC Sales Inc

Philadelphia, PA
Ph: 610-296-3527

Southern States :: Reliable PT

Kerrville, TX (Main Office)
Ph: 830-896-7681
Fax: 830-864-4082
Lubbock, TX
Ph: 806-445-4537
Longview, TX
Ph: 979-877-5940
Houston, TX
Ph: 713-492-9152
Dallas, TX
Ph: 469-955-6000

Power Flo a product of The Carlson Company Inc.

Carlson Industrial Manufacturers of PowerFlo Clutches and Brakes